If you were watching the History Channel last night you got to see the “Hornets2013 Charlotte – Take Back Our Buzz” commercial by Blackhawk Hardware. They were nice enough to create a series of commercials that will be airing within the Charlotte region promoting the name change.

They have also created a website called http://www.hornets2013.com that comprises both our movement and the We Beelieve: Charlotte…take back your Hornets! on one page.

Charlotte Hornets 2.0 TV Commercial by Blackhawk Hardware

The Charlotte Hornets 2013-2014 Portfolio

Here it is! 

The Official Charlotte Hornets 2.0 portfolio by Rollin BigDub Garcia! So when someone says, “Yeah but what would the Charlotte Hornets even look like in 2013? they haven’t been here in like 10 years” You can drop this bomb on them! This lets the bossman, Michael Jordan know we aren’t playing, we may be grassroots but we are serious. 

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And be safe tonight, make sure you remember to go to the grocery store, get your bread, get your milk, and make your milk sandwich.


The Return of the Hive!

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So as many of you know Bring Back the Buzz and We Beelieve: Charlotte…take back your Hornets! have been working on the biggest event in Charlotte Hornets history since the day the team left…..The Swarm Time Warner event on January 19. We are going to the B**Cats v Sacramento Kings game dressed up in our Teal and Purple and turning Time Warner Cable back into the Hive and giving the city of Charlotte a tiny glimpse of what they can expect when the Charlotte Hornets return.

What we need you to do is head over to the event page on facebook and RSVP ( Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/221802224619374/?ref=ts&fref=ts).

If you follow us on twitter, instagram, or our blog this will be most of what we will be talking about for the next 2 weeks.

Once you have RSVPed then please purchase your tix in sec 205/206 (if there are none…just purchase some anywhere and you can find us at the game) They are going for as cheap as $7 on Stub Hub!!!


The event begins at Fitzgerlads at 5 with a nice pregame party full with FREE Kegs (only for Charlotte Hornets fans) and everything. At 7 we will be heading over to the game and cheering on our Future Charlotte Hornets. Then once the game is over we will be heading back to Fitzgerlads for the post game party!


Remember none if this is possible without YOU GUYS! John, Evan and myself would just be three crazy people if it were not for your support.


Also, I will be going to the Pacers and Jazz games the next 2 weeks and passing out SWARM flyers and selling Bring Back the Buzz shirts!


Possible Charlotte Hornets 2014-2015 Uniforms, Logo, and Court!

At this point in the process there is no doubt in our mind that the 2014-2015 season will be the return of our beloved Charlotte Hornets. One can only fathom how magical this day will be when it takes place. The next logical step is to wonder what will MKG and Kemba Walker be rocking when they step on to the court. Well, a few months back a designer friend of ours from New Orleans, Rollin BigDub Garcia created some jaw dropping renditions of what a contemporary version of the uniform would look like. We thought we would re post it for our new followers.


Charlotte Hornets - 2013 Style Guide (Court) (1)