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Thanks to everyone for making #SWARM4CHARITY a huge success!!

We wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone who made last night such an incredible success! Everyone’s generosity and willingness to donate to the Charlotte Rollin’ Bobcats far exceeded our expectations. We were also extremely impressed with the turnout, especially on a Wednesday night!

However, the most exciting part of the event for us was that two of the six items were won by actual members of the Rolling Bobcats! Paul Stewart won the Charlotte Hornets inaugural season ticket and Mackenzie Hitt won Al Jefferson‘s game worn and autographed size 18 shoes!! 

Also, a huge thanks to Fitzgerald’s Charlotte for providing us with the venue. They were so impressed with the turnout they want to do future events and make their bar the “official Charlotte Hornets bar”!




The future of #BringBacktheBuzz and yesterday’s meeting with the Bobcats


“Bring Back the Buzz” logo

“The future of #BringBacktheBuzz and yesterday’s meeting with the Bobcats”

For those of you who have been following us since the beginning you know we never in a million years anticipated Bring Back the Buzz to become what it has and when we started we made a promise to one another never to lose sight of what our original goal was. We began Bring Back the Buzz with the intention to not just change the name of our NBA franchise but change the culture surrounding it. While this city was able to accomplish the first goal, we believe we still have a lot of work to do when it comes to the second.

As some of you may know we were contacted by the Bobcats roughly a month and a half ago regarding an issue the NBA had with our brand. The Bobcats were kind enough to halt the NBA, and inform them that they knew who we were, and that they had somewhat of a relationship with us (unfortunately, as we later found out in the meeting…..other groups were not so lucky). The Bobcats told us they were not exactly sure what the NBA had a problem with but that it surrounded something regarding our brand.

As you can imagine, given that our current occupations include being a college student and a teacher, we do not necessarily have the funds to compete with the NBA (nor do we want to). After receiving this information and laughing about how ironic it was that the group who cried “name change” was about to lose it’s own, we then decided to perform our own re-brand and trademarked our name. This is why since last February we elected to ditch our “Hugo” for the crown and fork the $ over to get a nice little “TM” next to our name.

Yesterday at 6:15 the Bobcats called us in to let us know the verdict, we are allowed to continue to be “Bring Back the Buzz” and our current logo is fine. They also let us know that they have agreed to donate “something” for our SWARM 4 Charity event on April 16th at Fitzgerald’s Charlotte. They also expressed their admiration for Play Charlotte, and agreed that it is something this city desperately needs.

As far as an official relationship goes, it is in our best interest to stay independent, it is what makes this group so special. Our content is fueled by the individuals who have identified with the movement, it does not need to be regulated by a higher authority, and since this group was inspired by a need for change….the last thing it needs is to be restricted. We will keep Bring Back the Buzz as the voice for the fans and a vehicle for this city to express it’s admiration or displeasure with the franchises that call it home.

“PLAY CHARLOTTE” the birth of a culture


At Bring Back the Buzz we have been brainstorming for quite sometime, trying to find a way to change the overall “culture” within the local sports bars/restaurants around our beautiful Queen City. Now when we say culture, we mean a venues willingness to support their local teams and do so pridefully.

This is where we came up with the idea Play Charlotte. Play Charlotte is meant to help Charlotteans find Local Sports Bars and Restaurants that show the Games of Charlotte Based Sports Franchises.

Based off of the feedback we have received we realized we are not the only ones who felt this way. We are also proud to say that we already have our first partner in the program, Heist Brewery.

We believe this is something that is long overdue…

Make sure you like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter ( )



For the Final Regular Season Charlotte Bobcats game we will be holding one of the infamous SWARM of events with We Beelieve: Charlotte…take back your Hornets!

This time we will partying and celebrating our successful movements to get the Charlotte Hornets name back to the Queen City, the end of the Charlotte Bobcats era, and raising money for the Charlotte Rollin’ Bobcats (The Bobcats Official Wheelchair Team)!

The event will be held at Fitzgerald’s Charlotte like our events before. They have agreed to have drink specials (That I will add to this event page when they are hashed out) and donate the proceeds to the Rollin’ Bobcats. Web Beelieve and us will be selling our gear and a portion of the proceeds will go to Rollin’ Bobcats. We will be also raffling off one of a kind Charlotte Hornets memorabilia that you could win! Again proceeds will go to the Rollin’ Bobcats!

Also, I am currently negotiating with the Lady Cats and we may have some BEEautiful visitors!

This is bound to BEE and unBEElievable time and for a good cause! Hopefully we can turn Fitzgerald’s into a Hornets bar and help the Rollin’ Bobcats on their transition to the Rollin’ Hornets!



An Original poster from the 1989-90 Season of the Charlotte Hornets

A ticket from the First Ever Charlotte Hornets Game

*We Will Add More Items Later*

Thank You! You Helped us Sponsor a K-8th Grade School’s Athletic Program!


If you have bought one of our shirts you helped us raise money to become sponsors for the Athletic Program At Our Lady of the Assumption! This is an Elementary School in East Charlotte that did not have an Athletic Program for 15 years!
This means a lot to us because we both attended this school when we were kids and Scotty now teaches there. This is the school that helped us discover our love for sports and it is amazing to be able to give back….
This banner will be hanging in the Gym! Hopefully it influences them to become the next generation of Hornets fans ;)
Again, Thank You! Charlotte is indeed a Beeautiful Family :)

Bobcats Trade for Gary Neal and Luke Ridnour



For Luke and Gary the Bobcats gave the Bucks Jeff Adrien and Ramon Sessions!

New “I Brought Back The Buzz” Shirts On Sale!

BBTB - T-Shirt (Hugo)

$20 at

The group formerly known as Bring Back the Buzz


We met with the VP of Marketing for the Bobcats (Seth Bennett) to discuss whether we could use “Bring Back The Buzz” on our merchandise. Apparently someone in the NBA doesn’t like the fact we use “Back The Buzz” in our name even though we came first. We are not trademarked because it was about the community and not the money same as the Bobcats. 

We don’t know how much longer we’ll be able to keep doing what we’ve been doing BUT Thank You for having our back from day one guys!

Hope we can still see you guys out at our Charity /SWARM event on April 16th, we are working with the Charlotte Rollin’ Bobcatsand Always Believe Inc.

This is what it’s really all about!


As most of you know, I (Scotty) teach Middle School at OLA (Our Lady of the Assumption) in East Charlotte, the very same august institution that Evan and I attended when the Charlotte Hornets became an essential part of our lives.

Today, OLA students were lucky to have the wonderful Diana Rugg(who we have established a relationship with through BBTB) of WCNC-TV, (NBC Charlotte) speak to them about her glamorous and exciting life in TV news. She gave special tips to our 7th grade Broadcast Team on the art of the interview and just what skills are needed to make a good reporter. She also spoke extensively about the importance of contributing to our community – something all of us in the BBTB movement can certainly appreciate. We just want to take a moment to once again thank Diana for sharing her talents and enthusiasm with our grateful students.

Diana – we from the OLA Family look forward to seeing you around Charlotte representing the OLA Phoenix in your new athletic t-shirt!

Evan and I made a promise to ourselves that we would use some of the opportunities BBTB has provided us to better the Charlotte community, because thats what this entire thing was all about. We have chosen to become an official sponsor for the new Athletic Dept OLA has started this year. We will be taking the money we raised from the t-shirts we have sold and put it back into the very school that raised us and made us who we are today.

Is Big Al an All Star?


Al Jefferson working Mr. Gasol.

When the 2014 NBA All-Star rosters came out, fans of the Bobcats immediately noticed a glaring omission: no Al Jefferson on the roster. While it came as a shock to not see Al on the roster, was it our bias towards the Bobcats, or did the coaches make a mistake by not allowing Jefferson to travel to New Orleans? First, let’s make the case for Jefferson. The first thing to notice about Jefferson is the fact that before the season, he was primarily known as an offensive force from the left block. This year, he has still maintained his offensive presence, staying in line with most of the metrics he has posted throughout his career. What is notable about what Al is doing is the fact that he has posted some surprising numbers from the defensive end of the floor as well. He is 8th in defensive rebounding %, a number that calculates the chances a player will grab a defensive rebound while on the floor. Jefferson is ahead of players such as Dwight Howard and Lamarcus Aldridge, and while this in no way fully embodies a player on that end of the floor, it is a good indicator that his effort and production are very high. The other statistic that jumps out is the fact that he is also in 13th in overall defensive ratings, a metric that estimates how many points a player allows per 100 possessions. Some examples of players not included in the top 20 include Chris Bosh and Paul Millsap, two of the forwards picked over Jefferson in the East.


With all the defensive effort that Big Al is putting in, you would think that you would see a dip in his offensive production. To be fair, his numbers have dropped slightly from 2013 to 2014. His true field goal % was 49.5% last year and now it sits at 48.7. Also, he has a usage that is 14th in the league as well. To be honest, we should start expecting a little more out of Jefferson on that end of the floor. The problem about this argument for Charlotte fans is that the guys who were picked above Jefferson (Millsap, Bosh, and Noah) all have better offensive ratings than Al. In short, we all love what he can do in the low block, but unfortunately he has not done enough on that end to warrant one of the players picked to be left off of the team. This is in no way saying that Al isn’t a good player or someone that we can build around. Instead, it shows that he is playing at an All-Star level, but maybe not enough to make the team this year when presented with the numbers that others are putting up.


Overall, Charlotte natives have a legitimate gripe when it comes to the situation involving Al Jefferson. There are very good arguments to be made in favor of including him on the roster, but ultimately I agree with the choices that the coaches made for this year’s team. I think that when you put into context what Jefferson has been doing for this team and the way they have been playing, Al and the rest of us need to be focused on making the playoffs and trying to make an impact as a team rather than All-Star rosters. Everyone knows my feelings about making the playoffs, but now that we have gone down that road to a certain level, it only makes sense to go after it, and Al Jefferson will play a major role, All-Star or not.


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