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Costume Contest Winner is a former Carolina Panther!!

First off we would like to say thank you to all the people who submitted pictures for the contest. However, the best one we received was from former Carolina Panther’s defensive end Al Wallace dressed up as Grandmama! Still not sure how he fit those guns in that cardigan

Brand New Official “Bring Back the Buzz” shirt!

We said they were coming and now they are finally here! The Brand New Official “Bring Back the Buzz” shirts!! They will be on sale for the first time this Friday at our Party downtown at Town Tavern for only 12$!!!!


Charlotte Hornets 2.0 Charlotte Basketball Tip Off Party!!!


This is it!

We are ready to begin this Charlotte B**Cats season and reignite the campaign to bring the HORNETS name back to CHARLOTTE!

We took the city of Charlotte by storm last year with ESPN articles, TV/Radio Interviews and Magazine Spreads! Now we are back and ready to have our voices heard during our finest hour!

Next Friday we will be throwing a party at Town Tavern in downtown Charlotte.

We will be selling our new “Bring Back the Buzz” T-Shirts!
As well as having a few computers available for people to sign the petition!

Charlotte B**Cats V Indiana Pacers game will be all over the TVs

2$ domestics
5$ Jager bombs
5$ “Bring Back the Buzz” Shots!!
6$ Red Bull Vodkas

Bobby Phills & the “Bring Back the Buzz” logo

If you haven’t already noticed, take a look at the Bring Back The Buzz logo and you will see that the Large B is split in two and in doing so it creates the #13. This is because of Bobby Phills.

A huge area of concern for us over this whole process has been the fact that we have discussed with dozens of New Orlean’s Hornets fans and they have absolutely no idea why the number 13 hangs in their rafters and who this Bobby Phills guy is.

Bobby played with the Hornets in Charlotte from 1997-2000 alongside the likes of Wesley, Mashburn, Brown, Rice, Mason, Divac and others. Sadly, On January 12, 2000, while a member of the Charlotte Hornets, Phills was killed in an automobile accident.

Following this was one of the saddest and proudest moments as a Hornets fan. We watched as Bobby’s son touched his dad’s jersey one last time before it was raised into the rafters. Bobby Phills was the first Hornet to ever have his jersey retired. At the same time the Charlotte community came together and helped support the Phills family through this rough time. Kendall (Bobby’s wife) was present at every Charlotte Hornets game until they left. I truly hope the Bobcat’s organization is in touch with the Phills family.

Our goal after we get the name back from New Orleans is to Get Bobby Phills’ jersey back in Charlotte where it belongs.

MAMABUZZ Halloween HORNETS CHARACTER costume contest!!!

Attention Bees and Ghouls!


Anyone who knows Evan and Scotty BringBackTheBuzz knows that when they were growing up the Old Hivestead was always a buzzing place on Halloween! In honor of her favorite holiday, our very ownMAMABUZZ has announced her first ever Halloween HORNETSCHARACTER costume contest!!!


This isn’t about the Swag this time folks – it’s about the Characters that make up our great HORNETS HISTORY!!!

So get your Grandmamma costume out of mothballs and your George Shinn mask out of the attic and send us your pics! and we’ll post them all over (FB,TWITTER,INSTAGREAM. And OUR BLOG) Remember to think outside the hive folks – how about a ref from the first home game? The entire starting lineup?  B**CAT Zombees?  James K Flynn?  (extra point if you ARE James K)!  Do you think you’re a doppelganger for the Buzz Boyz or John Morgan? – give it your best shot!  BEE CREATIVE!!!!!!!!

MAMABUZZ will announce her favorite on Tuesday, October 30. The winner will be invited to MAMA and PAPA BUZZ’ Hivestead on Halloween night to receive aHornets gifts basket including a pair of B**Cats tickest and have their picture taken with the BUZZ family. That picture will be our cover photo on the new BRINGBACKTHEBUZZ FACEBOOK page for November! Here’s your chance to see the birthplace of BringBackThe Buzz!

Come on all you beelievers out there – put your Hornets snap-back thinking caps on and get buzzy!!!

You can also send pics to

“Discover Charlotte” Documentary Project Interviews #BringBacktheBuzz and We..Beelieve tonight

Discover Charlotte Documentary Project by Bobby Simmons

“Discover Charlotte” is an in-depth exploration & identification of the history and culture of Charlotte, NC.

Discover Charlotte will be interviewing “Bring Back the Buzz”‘s Scotty Kent along with the We…Beelieve”‘s John Morgan tonight at 7pm  as part of a documentary that will be taking an deep look into Charlotte and what makes it unique.

Click on the link below to watch the video that explains the Documentary.


Discover Charlotte Documentary Project

Potential Charlotte Hornets Rebrand Concept!

Bring Back the Buzz on Facebook

Good Morning! Bring Back the Buzz has decided to go into the Facebook world and reach an even wider audience in order to obtain our ultimate goal of getting this Hornets name back to Charlotte. We are still working with John Morgan and the We Beelieve: Charlotte…take back your Hornets! campaign under the umbrella of “Charlotte Hornets 2.0″. Now while we have reached almost 2,000 followers on Twitter, over 20,000 hits on our blog and more than double that to….Twitter had become our main outlet and was a bit confining.

Last night, Bring Back the Buzz had a meeting downtown to work on our plan for the upcoming season and one of the major issues was that we ourselves did not have a Facebook page. We have been working in unison with John Morgan from the We Beelieve: Charlotte…take back your Hornets and will continue to do so under the umbrella of “Charlotte Hornets 2.0″.

As the NBA season gets ready to begin here in the next few weeks Bring Back the Buzz along with We Beelieve will be putting in everything we have to make sure this is the last season OUR NBA team has the name Bobcats!

To Make it Simple…..

Bring Back the Buzz + We Beelieve = Charlotte Hornets 2.0!


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